Code of Conduct

General entry rules:

- Alcohol, glass bottles, and animals are prohibited from being brought on to the premises.

- Smoking is not permitted on the premises.

Field Rules:

- No food, drink (excluding water), chewing gum, studded shoes, or stilettos are permitted on the playing field.

- Only players and officials participating in the game are permitted on the field of play.

- Players and officials entering the field of play must enter with cleaning their shoes in the foot washer and the official entry gate.

- No one is permitted to jump the fence as a fine will be incurred in doing so.

- No player or official is permitted to participate if they are bleeding or have blood on their clothing. Players and officials must        leave the field of play to seek attention and change their clothing. Players and officials are only permitted to return to the field      of play after their injury has been attended to and their clothing is void of any blood.

- Any blood on the artificial turf will be removed by using the cleaning equipment provided. Play will be halted until the turf is          appropriately cleaned.

- Spitting is not allowed on the turf for any reason. 

Player rules:

- Promote fair play

- Accept decisions of officials

- Think before you speak

- Always thank your officials

Crowd rules:

- Cheer on players

- Respect umpires

- Support coaches